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Madria Winterbourne [01 Sep 2013|09:16pm]

This woman.

I had a small confrontation with her on the Food Network fan page on Facebook. Just for LOLs, I checked out her profile and noticed one of her "brothers" looked like Jensen Ackles, the guy from Supernatural. After about an hour of clicking around, I think this woman has at least a dozen fake profiles. I have linked some below.




Oh, and friends of friends...


Who is the real Madria? (via "Joshua")
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BS alarm is ringing, but I'm just not sure [19 Oct 2010|02:01pm]

crabby_lioness seems to be having a really shitty month

Here is a post with the links to the whole crazy story
Also, cross posted at law_questions where many are doubting the veracity of this story.

The basic gist of the story is that she is a homeschooling mother in Mississippi that feels that she is being targeted and harassed by neighbors who are in with social services and the local sheriff's office. The whole story just seems wrong, and so does crabby_lioness's behavior.

So, what do you think? Fake? Weird but true?
I really wouldn't usually care, but it appears that people are setting up donation funds. I don't want to see them getting ripped off by someone who's just trying to get a story published.
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Screening Post [01 Jan 2030|12:01am]

If you agree to the rules, comment here.
This is also mandatory for being admitted into the community.
Anyone can comment on this entry. Comment before requesting membership.
Comments to this entry are screened.

ETA Comments are fixed. Now everyone who is a registered member can comment.
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Mod Post [26 Nov 2008|01:17pm]

Some people need to be reminded of the rules.

We do not do grudge posts here. A grudge post is any post that is not based on any evidence. I've seen both posts about a recent situation and the person who posted changed their story entirely in the course of two days over two different communities.

If this person had done research where results could be duplicated by anyone, I would allow it or believe they had a motive in their actions other than grudge. No research was done. No evidence was presented. Accusastions were thrown around by someone with no proof and that screams "grudge" to me. It's really a shame because the last time she outed someone, she had evidence and proof that anyone could check out.

Also, we do not take screen caps, proof pictures, or anything else from this community and submit it to snark/drama communities in hopes that others will come and stir the pot. This is not a drama community or a "gang up on someone" community and you will be banned and removed. Don't think people won't tell because they do. Nothing you put on the internet is "secret". The community was open to the general public when that post was made. There was no need to post screen caps.

This community was created to out fakes, not stir the pot or attack others without proof. If the offending people would like to come back, as they have only been removed, they are welcome. This is the only warning they will get.

Posts and members are now moderated. If this is unacceptable, feel free to create your own anti-faking community. I don't see where this is so unacceptable or harsh.

agateway is now one of our new mods. Piss her off and she has the right to ban you. If you don't like her, you can leave. We need another mod, and I'm leaning towards someone who is already a mod on _fake_ljers. I might consider other people, but not at the moment.
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Carissa? [20 Sep 2008|09:28am]

[ mood | tired ]

Okay... I've had "carissa" as jcgavememusic in my community, now that she deleted her journal we realised she was creating a fake life, which was much like hers... but with kids, a boyfriend all that crap you know the drill... anyways, she comes back, as a guy, with a different username... find out it's her, now we have a boy that's called mansonmudvayne that was diagnosed with autism at 18 months (which I don't know how is that common, or possible with doctors when my son won't be diagnosed at 27 months, they won't even touch it with a 20-foot poll... but yeah, is that Carissa again? I'm pretty freaking sure, but here's the application and all the information I have... like I said I just want some backup information to show her I'm not freaking stupid...
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Honestly, I'm finding this a bit sickening, she was in my community, friended someone in there and then stole something of hers, something that happened to her exactly and said that all of a sudden it was happening to her in "her" pregnancy... kind of sick to think someone keeps doing this... ugh...

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[22 Jul 2008|06:55am]

Ok, this is a long story.

I was previously engaged to a guy named Patrick shit fell through, and we ended things. About 1 month later, I started dating a guy named Eric (this is all back in middel/late '05.) He and I got along great. His "best friend" alex got jealous and decided to come out of the closet to me. He tried to cause all of these problems to break us up. Well, it only made Eric and I stronger. Finally, his friend called for backup, a woman named Anita. She claims that her and Eric were dating and they were in love. Did I mention the 13 year age gap between anita and Eric? She is 38 and he is 25. She doesn't even know me, but she starts getting buddy buddy with my ex fiance. She does this to get to me. I was on GJ at the time, and she hacked into it with Alex's help. I got pregnant 2 months into my relationship with Eric, and that really bugs Alex and Anita because Eric and I are pretty much set in stone. Anita is a very 'religious' person, yet she tells me how much of a whore I am. Finally, after about 8 months of trying to get to me, she tells me Eric cheated on me with her. HAHA right, I am with him 24/7. When i don't believe that, she decides to make fake journals, and cons me into adding her so she knows all about me and my life. I found out all of them except 1. She did really well at hiding her identity for a while. But, I'll get to that. Because I keep finding her out, she gets mad and retaliates. Since alex knows where I live, she decides to try and set my house on fire. Mind you, I never ever mentioned it in my journal. I am not one for placing blame on others when i don't know the facts. during one of her anonymous messages to me (She did this quite often, as if I didn't know it was her, she talks the way she acts which is 'chola' like. LOL!) she asks me "Is this why you don't know who set your pot on your porch on fire?" BINGO! Now I know it's her who did it. since I didn't say anything in my journal, how would she know this, unless she did it? By this time my son was born and I was seriously fearing for his life. My dad is a bed bound because of 2 strokes, so we all could have died if she would have gotten her way.

fast forward to january of this year. I switched from GJ to lj and most of my friends list on GJ followed me! How wonderful! I started to get weird feelings about a girl named 'isabella' 1butterflykiss on my list, but couldn't put my finger on what it was that made me uneasy. I opened up an icon community and she wanted a paid request. When I opened the email, it said it was from paypal and that anita (her last name) had paid me. I was like "OMG! Isabella, why does it say that anita paid me?" She picked up her icon but it took her a week to come up with an excuse (i have everything screen capped and documented if you'd  like to see it). She told me her mom is an investigator and she knew I was uneasy about anita so she wanted to investigate her. FUNNY, first of all, why would you need a paypal account in her name to investigate? Second of all, you cannot have a paypal account in someone else's name; the names on the account and on the credit cards MUST match. Then she told me she got ahold of anita and she said it was ok for isabella's mom to investigate her. LOL if there was an isabella, why would anita let some random stranger investigate her? Finally, I asked for a proof picture of my entire friends list. What do you know? Isabella couldn't provide one, so she told me we couldn't be friends anymore because her mom didn't like me. LOL! She told me I was lying about anita. and yada yada yada.

So in short, watch out for 1butterflykiss. Her name isn't isabella, and she isn't 28. She's anita and she's 38. She stalks!
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jcgavememusic (carissa) tries to prove "keagan" is real [16 Jul 2008|09:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this is my fave besides the salute on forget_honor's account
the pic after the cut
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there are pics of kaytlin and quintin but those kids are real not hers but very real. I mean she had kaytlin call her danny when she was on the phone with me so holding up a sign to a kid that isn't yours isn't gonna prove that the kid IS yours yanno
these are the newest pics on

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[10 Jul 2008|01:38pm]

In the whole forget_honor more than likely being a fabrication of jcgavememusic, I found a myspace page. Look familiar? Surprise! It's "Danny." Or "Zack." Or whoever Carissa wants him to be. I have no clue if he knows her in real life, but my guess is he probably wouldn't be happy knowing she's using his and his family's images for her weird never-ending story she's got going on.
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not sure what i can reveal here [19 Apr 2008|11:59am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

ok here is the scenario.
2 weeks ago I was contacted by a "guy" from a friend adding community. Claims "he's" a 22 year old Marine who is now going thru a divorce. (well a week ago "he" and his wife were just having problems now it's full on divorce that will be final in 3 months)has a 1 year old son, being stop lossed and sent back to iraq said to have found this out a tad over a week ago and is supposed to be shipped out in the beginning of may.
Has on many occasions slipped and said "he" was in the army or about being in the army. well anyone who has known anyone in the marines knows they would NEVER EVER make that slip up.

well after talking for a week I got suspicious(after all the army slip ups) I checked "his" photobucket account since it was an unlocked account.
well "his" pics are only in one folder. The rest of the albums are filled with a young woman who you could say dresses like a guy hair pulled back under a hat baggy jeans t shirts. some are blinkies for a website or maybe another journal.

I was contacted by a woman who says she's dating "bade", "danny's" other identity and she conforms that yes it seems there is a woman claiming to be both bade and danny. gives me her LJ name and low and behold all those pics i saw on "danny's" photobucket are all over this journal. This person is now claiming to be pregnant on that journal ( last post was a week ago but is friend locked so i couldn't see any post but the unlocked ones) she also claims to have 2 children from what i understand are her friends children and not her own.
This woman gave me an email for "bade" and i did some snooping on my own and found a couple other journals. all and all there are 5 journals by this person. On one this person was called out for being fake.

I am not sure if i am allowed to post the journals here or the names or even "dannys" real name.

I just want this to stop and i want a record of this person doing these things to people. It's unfair and it's hurtful to do this to people.

If i am told it's ok i can edit this to add the links to the journals and the photobucket account.

Edited to include links

"danny's" LJ harry2urginny
"danny's" new LJ forget_honor (check the salute it's hysterical)
"danny's" photobucket http://s259.photobucket.com/albums/hh320/jaded_havey/ "Danny's" pics are in the DMK folder
"danny's" new photobucket http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm273/keagansdaddy/ funny how Carissa's pics have ended up there too huh.
carissa's new photobucket http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn218/kitkasworld/

Carissa's LJ http://jcgavememusic.livejournal.com/ her pics are also on "danny's" photobucket
"bade's" LJ http://enemy-as-seen.livejournal.com/
"bade's" LJ http://badethefullmoon.livejournal.com/
"Ishy's" LJ http://ishycan.livejournal.com/

as of aug 2008 there is a new journal http://daddy-of-three.livejournal.com/

there is also a new photobucket account  this one coincides with one of her myspace accounts that was going "danny's" email so der ya know they are the same person I think this one went to the romeo78664@yahoo.com email address. The myspace claims that "david" lives in england the LJ says the united states. UNLESS the myspace has been changed

"david's" photobucket account http://s414.photobucket.com/albums/pp230/davey_bear/

Carissa's myspace it's private though http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=66936305
another myspace linked to "romeo78664" http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=75138685

well since i putting info lol
"danny's" yahoo instant message name is romeo78664
"danny's" AIM name is youcanthavenone9 (funny it's the same one that's on that last profile, but there are others listed on the other profiles)
new aim name: somekryptonite (still in use as of aug '08)

Carissa is now claiming that she has adopted "Keagan" "Danny's" son and has a pic of him in her LJ profile
the post she made here in hotmommas community

another community post carissa has made with danny/zack and keagan pics
http://community.livejournal.com/militarylove/873291.html ok you have to join to see this one too.

file folder of friends only posts where "danny" posted pics of "him" and "his" son
(if the link ends up inactive i can reupload just let me know)
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Brief update on the_idea_of_you [10 Jun 2007|02:13pm]

Edit to add she has two MORE usernames: toes_inthe_sand, and sweetstolenkiss.
17/10/07 Edit: her username is now get_me_a_latte she renamed the journal from toes_inthe_sand, so it's the same journal.

So I now have more verification that Jenni (current username the_idea_of_you) is lying about being a nurse. She is actually a desk clerk.

I contacted someone who works at the same hospital she works at. I showed the person a picture. She immediately recognised her, and told me that she's the UNIT CLERK in the emergency department.

The person said Jenni hasn't worked there that long, so maybe her employment history IS as erratic as she writes in her journals. Just not as a nurse.

The boards of nursing didn't have her listed. Her old journals from 2004 have her not being able to get into nursing at university and doing a medical tech type course at community college. Then in 2005 she was on LJ claiming to have a BN and three years experience.
It's all adding together.

Last I heard, she was claiming she was about to get fired from her current job, and said she was going to apply for a "pediatric nursing position" instead. Who knows if she gets fired from these jobs or quits, but she's a flake. Maybe she REALLY means she's applying to be the desk clerk on the kids ward. Ha ha.

She also says (after claiming to be in grad school doing a masters in nursing, then teaching, then nursing again) to be going back to school to be a MINISTER, of all things. She claims to be registered at Albertus Magnus College, which would make a lot of erratic changes in her schooling, even in the last year she has claimed to be attending three different colleges.

Also last summer she wrote in her journal and told people that her dad had died. It seemed to make at least a reason for some of her erratic behaviour, and she used it as an excuse for some things (like why she stopped mentioning school).

Well, she lied about that too. He's somehow been resurrected and has a conviction for not paying rent in February - it's a matter of public record with the CT judicial system.

The other known usernames for this person are xgrey_sky_eyesx, playingyourfool, toesinthesand05, summerseabreeze, ill_backyou_up, ill_back_you_up, gentleafterglow, dancedintheam. She likely has others. She may be controlling the accounts sirwingate and blackpelican. The entire history of her fakery is well documented in this community. Fake pictures, fake lifestyle, fake lovers, lied about having cancer. The works.

Cross-posted to _fake_ljers.
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[18 Apr 2007|12:47pm]

I'm a member of 11thandhennepin, started by previous stars of the LJ Spotlight who met on LJ, met in real life, fell in love and got engaged within a few weeks. Ahhh.

Noticed this post today, it just struck me as a bit... unusual. So I clicked onto her jouranl - armywife320 and her whole LJ smacks of fakeism.

I'm not remotely involved, I just spotted it and thought hrm odd. If she is a fake, she seems pretty harmless, but what do you guys think?
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Banned the_idea_of_you [12 Apr 2007|09:40am]

I banned the_idea_of_you for obvious reasons. Personally, I think she only posted here to get IPs, probably for her "police report/investigation" since in other accounts she's threatened to send IPs to everyone who has gone to her pages with jail time because, as you all know, it's totally against the law for us to go to pages and sites she's made public on the internet, and putting her usernames or other information she's made public over the years into Google is totally stalking and she totally has a case against us all, I don't want her to be able to delete her entry and later claim that we all went to her journal and harassed her, thus how she got our IPs. If anyone else notices that she joins under another username, let me know in private and as soon as she posts more crap with it, I'll ban it as well. As I said a couple of years ago, this community is not a vessel for the outed to gather information about the people who outed them in the first place.
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[11 Apr 2007|08:50pm]

2007-04-11 06:54 pm (local) (link) Track This
I'm not sure if you realise this, but the_idea_of_you is a known faker on LJ. She's had six different usernames in the past 18 months, lied about her pictures, career, you name it. Her deception has hurt a lot of people. She's been exposed as a fake in several communities. There is more info and proof posted in the community fake_ljers, which has open membership if you are curious.

(Reply to this)(Thread)

Don't you people have better things to do?
I mean, really.
This is getting ridiculous.
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More proof about the_idea_of_you [09 Apr 2007|06:57pm]

I'm posting this here so the info is accessible. This was all posted last week in _fake_ljers.

Jenni (the_idea_of_you) has another username (is this six?), gentleafterglow. She also has dancedintheam, plus all of her past journals that were undeleted.

EDIT: she deleted so whatever, she'll undelete in a few days or a few weeks. Posted this in one of her old journals: http://summerseabreeze.livejournal.com/ (Again, I saved a screen-cap, and since she posted the info in public, not my problem)

Since she was exposed, she is still claiming to be a nurse. I've seen her post that she is a nurse in several communities. Boards of nursing in most states have a search function, no one with her name has a nursing license.

Here are links to her pre-LJ journals that contain proof she is not a nurse. At the time she was WORKING AT IGA, but somehow under her playingyourfool journal, she claimed in Dec 05 to have a BN and three to four years as a seasoned ER nurse.


Let me know if they get deleted, I'll post screen-caps. I have everything saved.
Here are some excerpts:

Jan. 4/04:

"So. I took a chance. I went to my 10:30 appointment, and I'm ready. 2/2/04 starts my new career training, I'll be going for a degree in medical assisting. This is the first step to a nursing degree. I don't have really the time or the money for a full out 4 year nursing program right now. In 9 months, I'll be a graduate with a degree in medical assisting and national certification in medical assisting and phlebotomy( taking blood). That's hot. Yes, I realize that to some it may be an incredible step down from where I once was...on a full ride to P.C. But you know what? Fuck those of you who think like that.
At the age of 21, I'm finally doing shit for me. I'm doing what I want, I'm doing what needs to be done to get me that nursing degree and that job making $80,000 a year.

Do I have some regrets? Yes. I do regret not doing this earlier. I do regret not finally making up my damn mind until now.
But I know, that I just can't do this any longer. I need to do something. This will get me out there, will get me out in the field. And I want this. I know that the terms are shorter and more compact than a regular college, but I need this.
It's time to buckle down and get shit done."

Jan. 27/04:

"So excited for school. Like, you don't know. I have my plan all figured out...get my med. assisting degree. Work for about a year. Return to school in fall 05' for a two year program in nursing. Work part time as a med. assistant. Graduate in Spring 07'..get a real job and by Christmas 07' I plan on NOT living with my mother, but get my own place..maybe with Brian if things go well.
Or...get my med. assisting degree, work part time, go to school for a year full time and get my LPN and then move out by June 2006. I don't know...but I think I might want the faster route...and I really don't know if I want my full R.N.... depends on how things go and how Brian fits into the picture."

These journals were found by searching under her name. So yeah, they are her.
Medical assistants are certified, not licensed. This PDF file lists all the people currently certified as medical assistants in Connecticut. Her name isn't listed.

Claiming to be an RN when you aren't is illegal.
She's stopped lying about the pictures, though - last week she posted pictures of her that were real, not some skinny blonde like she did before.
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[03 Sep 2006|03:04pm]

cold_still_life who is a member here has been outed as a fake here

She stole the kids pictures she used from this guy

And made a whole fantasy LJ life for herself.

More info here

She deleted. I had a feeling she would, but I saved copies of her user info and journal. You won't be able to see the comments or what is under the cuts, but it gives you an idea of what was going on.


And her last post with comments which I happened to still have up
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[03 Sep 2006|08:56am]


Anyone have any idea what user name killbillydeluxe is using these days? In his prior incarnation, which is how I met him, he was called vinegarjones.  Now he seems to have deleted killbillydeluxe (which he did on a regular basis, but not for such a long period of time), and I'm sure he's lurking with a new name.

He's not fake so much as some of the things he wrote about and got a lot of people to send massive amounts of money and other things to him. I like to know what he's up to so that potential victims get a warning.

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Seems fishy to me [01 Aug 2006|05:58pm]

I'm a member of the pregnant, and there's a new member who introduced herself as 17 and accidently pregnant. Not hard to believe, right?

At first, I was just as concerned as everyone else, seeing as how she's curious and looking for support. However, she's also pro-ana, and if you look at her journal (struggling_teen), it's very new, with only two entries that are generically pro-ana.

Plus, she's asking really...lame questions, like "Are doctors expensive"?

Here's the entry

Honestly, I hate to sound like a finger-pointing bitch, but something just smells fishy to me. Also, she does have a myspace, (without a picture). Zero comments, tons of "friends".

I dunno...just...doesn't seem right, and I'm ignorant when it comes to checking out this kind of thing.
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[26 Jul 2006|11:34pm]

dblum06 had an interesting thing going in  advocates and every other community she belonged to. journals gone now. what a suprise!
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