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Okay... I've had "carissa" as jcgavememusic in my community, now that she deleted her journal we realised she was creating a fake life, which was much like hers... but with kids, a boyfriend all that crap you know the drill... anyways, she comes back, as a guy, with a different username... find out it's her, now we have a boy that's called mansonmudvayne that was diagnosed with autism at 18 months (which I don't know how is that common, or possible with doctors when my son won't be diagnosed at 27 months, they won't even touch it with a 20-foot poll... but yeah, is that Carissa again? I'm pretty freaking sure, but here's the application and all the information I have... like I said I just want some backup information to show her I'm not freaking stupid...

Name // Age // Location: Zakaria // 16 // Texas
Nickname(s): none
Birthday: July 8th
Hobbies: Music, sports, drawing, traveling, new languages, tv

All About You

Tell us all about yourself. At 18 months I was diagnosed with Autism, I live with my mother and 2 of my sisters. I am currently in highschool, 10th grade even though I do have to go to special ed class because kids make fun of me. Um, I am pretty high functioning, I cant talk well but I can use a communicator and read and write. I want to be able to grow up and live without the support of dhsh or in a group home. I want to draw characters for video games for a living because I love to draw.
What are some things you find unique about yourself?
I think being autistic kid makes me unique, no one personl with autism is the same and not like anyone else.
Do you have any special talents?
I can visit a place once and be able to draw every detail of the place I went.
What are some things you love?
I love my family and friends because they support me and dont try to look at me or treat me different then themselves. I also love to draw because it is the only thing that makes me feel normal.
What are some things that bother you?
People just think because I am autistic that I cant read or go to the bathroom or anything even though I can. Some things just take me longer.
What is something you are very passionate about?
Drawing, I always want to be good at drawing and it is one thing that you dont have to be smart or normal or anything to be able to do.
What is something you really think we should know about you?
Just that I am autistic so some things might not make sense to me or I wont understand if I say something the wrong way, I am not stupid but I do think at a lower level then some people.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?
That people are so quick to judge you because you are a little different from them, I dont know how they want everyone to be the exact same. Sometimes I wish people would know that it is ok to not understand something, that you dont have to make fun of it because it is different then you.
What are some of your strong morals?

About The Community

Where did you hear about [info]notall_beauty?
In the journal of someone in _oddlycutie_
Why do you want to be accepted to [info]notall_beauty?
to make more friends
Why do you think you should be accepted?
I think I can show people something new and bring something different to them.
Will you be able to earn the 50 points each month?
Um..yeah but I cant keep track of numbers well


Bands: a7x, britney spears, rage against the achine, sum 41
TV Shows: house, er, family guy, sponge bob, trama life in the er
Movies: Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Batman, Fight club, rent
Books: hitchikers guide to the galaxy
Animals dogs, cats, turtles, elephants

Opinions (choose 3 and please elaborate):
does that mean tell how I feel? If I do it wrong I dont mean to
Gay Marriage: My mom always said marry who you love. If you dont love someone then dont marry them and if you do love them then nothing should stop that. Not color, age, or sex. People shouldnt care who someone else loves.
Animal Rights: If you eat animals you should treat them right until they are dead, and if you own animals you shouldnt be allowed to hurt them. Sometimes people think that because it is their animal they can just be mean to it but why would you have an animal if you just want to hurt it. And when they have animals on farms they should have to treat them with respect and not just shove them in a cage and dont take care of them.
War On Terrorism:
Global Warming:
I dont know what the rest of those mean but if you tell me then I can answer.
The Not-So-Serious Stuff

Do something to make us laugh:
how can you tell a blonde is having a bad day?

when her tampon is behind her ear and she cannot find her pencil

This is your space, do whatever you want with it:

Did somebody promote you to this community? If so, who?
OPTIONAL: Please Promote and Show Direct Links

Your User Info:
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Honestly, I'm finding this a bit sickening, she was in my community, friended someone in there and then stole something of hers, something that happened to her exactly and said that all of a sudden it was happening to her in "her" pregnancy... kind of sick to think someone keeps doing this... ugh...
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