Michelle (heymickey) wrote in fake_ljers,

Mod Post

Some people need to be reminded of the rules.

We do not do grudge posts here. A grudge post is any post that is not based on any evidence. I've seen both posts about a recent situation and the person who posted changed their story entirely in the course of two days over two different communities.

If this person had done research where results could be duplicated by anyone, I would allow it or believe they had a motive in their actions other than grudge. No research was done. No evidence was presented. Accusastions were thrown around by someone with no proof and that screams "grudge" to me. It's really a shame because the last time she outed someone, she had evidence and proof that anyone could check out.

Also, we do not take screen caps, proof pictures, or anything else from this community and submit it to snark/drama communities in hopes that others will come and stir the pot. This is not a drama community or a "gang up on someone" community and you will be banned and removed. Don't think people won't tell because they do. Nothing you put on the internet is "secret". The community was open to the general public when that post was made. There was no need to post screen caps.

This community was created to out fakes, not stir the pot or attack others without proof. If the offending people would like to come back, as they have only been removed, they are welcome. This is the only warning they will get.

Posts and members are now moderated. If this is unacceptable, feel free to create your own anti-faking community. I don't see where this is so unacceptable or harsh.

agateway is now one of our new mods. Piss her off and she has the right to ban you. If you don't like her, you can leave. We need another mod, and I'm leaning towards someone who is already a mod on _fake_ljers. I might consider other people, but not at the moment.
Tags: mod post, rules
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