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We're On To You

Fake LiveJournalers
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10/27/07: Closed for Mod Changes. Please wait for a mod to approve of your membership.

This community is for people who just plain lie on livejournal.
What's a hurtful lie? Well, it's when someone says they're a man when they're really a woman. Or vice versa. It's when they tell lies that can cause pain and embarassment. Is someone you're emailing really a man? Is that cute blonde really some pervert? Do they have a million journals to harass or stalk people? Do they use them to comment and flirt with themselves?

What's not a hurtful lie? Not revealing a person's location or real name or full name to protect their privacy. Leaving out things they don't want people knowing about them. This is the internet and people cannot stop who visits their websites and who can or cannot get their contact info.

What is deception? Using someone else's pictures as your own.

What is not deception? Using a known celebrity for the usericon/photoshop projects. Clearly stated role-playing journals. If someone is role-playing a journal and it's stated in the userinfo or in every post or the front page of the journal, it is not a deceitful lie.

Community Objective: To prevent lies on Livejournal to be spread to fake_lj_deaths. No offense to that community, but it deals with situations that are far more painful than someone not being honest about their life. This community is also for everyone to help each other in outing a fake. You may use this community for advice on what to do if you are being impersonated, how to trace an IP or other situations that involve deception in emails, Livejournal and the internet.

This community is for people who are faking their lives/pictures/journals only! If you want to add illness and death(s) too, that's ok as well. For example, if said LJ user is claiming everyone they know is dying that would be something to post. If you think someone faked their death, please report it to fake_lj_deaths. If you know who the person is pretending to be, then post that too. Keep all investigations friends-only so fakers cannot change their pages before we get a chance to look into them.

Notice: After we get a full community going and several investigations, I will be closing membership so lurking fakers who have been investigated cannot see their mistakes.

heymickey/dropsofcolour Want to apply? Email me!

And put something, anything, in the subject line.

Public Outing:
All users who have been proven to be fake are posted here. Please check that page before submitting a fake. Thank you!

1. No grudge posts. A post with no evidence can and will be considered a grudge post.
2. Sufficient evidence should be collected before a post. This includes Myspace pages, Flickr galleries, and other pages that clash with what is said on LiveJournal. Get screenshots, but have the URLs handy for your post.
3. No bringing in other people from other communities to fan flames.
4. Mods have the right to ban you for no reason.